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Aloe Vera is known throughout recorded history as one of the most beneficial plants on earth. The Aloe Vera leaf contains over 200 beneficial components including proteins, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and minerals – basically, almost everything we need for a healthy balanced body.

Forever’s Aloe Vera is free from chemical herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and does not undergo any heat treatment. Forever owns and controls the entire process, from plant to product to end user consumer.

Over 33 years, Forever has continued to stay ahead of the race by consistently developing new, and often, cutting edge products to add to their existing range, now used and endorsed by people world-wide: healthcare professionals, athletes and even a Nobel Prize winning scientist and of course people like you and me.

These are products designed for everyone, to be used every day.

Never tested on animals, many products have Kosher rating, Islamic Seal of Approval and are Halal compliant. Also, Forever has ISO certification guaranteeing that workers’ rights are respected. You can find more information on certifications and approvals on

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Jessica Sankala - Independent Distributor for Forever Living Products - France, Switzerland, Finland - with more countries coming soon -